WHAT WE DO is a locally licensed carpet cleaning, servicing all areas in Singapore. We strive to exceed clients expectations with all of our services because we want to become your lifetime carpet cleaning company. We have a strong background in curtain and drapery cleaning services as well as other home services. At, we understand how it is to have a stranger working in your home for the first time. Our friendly staff will do everything to make you feel comfortable during our visit.

With our proven and effective curtain cleaning technology process, we can help you save money and time without the need to replace your old curtains into new ones. While curtains are great addition to your furnishing because they provide a beautiful backdrop, they also attract odour depositories and dusts.  This is the reason why it is recommended to clean curtains twice a year. However, cleaning curtains on your own could bring inconvenience to you especially if you are very sensitive to dust. In addition, taking down curtains involves a lot of work, such as removing hooks and sending them to dry cleaners.

Why Clean Curtains and Drapes?

Regular cleaning (annually for curtains & every 2-3 years for top treatments and draperies) will help to keep out dust mites as well as help to maintain the fabric from becoming brittle and weak.  Window treatments are exposed to sunlight (direct or indirect), humidity, heat, and other atmospheric gases that will weaken the fibers if not flushed out and cleaned.

No Need to Compromise Your Privacy Around Your Windows

Fortunately, we are here ready to clean your curtains without taking them to dry cleaners. Your can leave your curtains hanging and allow us to come to you. Our curtain cleaning process don’t involve removing your curtains in your home or office. It’s fast, safe, clean and environmentally friendly. Your curtains will look like new after just two hours of cleaning them.

More Than Just Curtain Cleaning

Aside from cleaning your curtains, we also offer spray application of stain prevention and fire retardants. Furthermore, shrinkage or stretching is not a problem with us on the job through our on-site curtain cleaning process. We also offer application that would prevent colour loss on most fabrics.

Our on-site curtain cleaning solution is gentle yet effective as we clean, sanitise and deodorise your curtains to the highest quality. We guarantee that we leave your curtains free from stains, mildew, mould and dust.  If needed, we can also remove your curtains for cleaning back at our factory and installed back correctly and carefully after.

Fully Insured and Licensed Curtain Cleaning Technicians In Singapore

We specialise in residential and commercial drape cleaning and all your curtains will be cleaned by fully certified and accredited experienced technicians. Our curtain cleaning specialists are experienced with the latest and most efficient curtain cleaning method. We ensure that you only get the best in expert service to your drapes. Give us a call right now for a free quote.

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