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Cleaning curtains helps bring your room to life with a fresh airy feel and you have the confidence they are cleaned and sanitized. Curtains tend to be large filters trapping dust and all types of airborne nasties that will attack the fibres leading to a shorter life. Pets, cooking and smoke can leave distinct odours in fabrics that can be quite unpleasant. specialises in curtain only, it is not an add-on to carpet cleaning, or any service that thinks curtains can be treated like just another cleaning task. So whether its rubber or suedebacks, swags and tails, velvets or velours, you can rest assured your curtains will be cleaned with professionalism and the care that you expect. will clean your curtains, whatever their size, and return them as fresh and clean as they can possibly be. Use our professional Curtain Cleaning Service and see the difference!


There are many dry cleaners that can and will clean curtains. There are very few cleaners who specialise in cleaning curtains only.

We all know cost is the over riding decision maker, that’s why having your curtains cleaned by you can be assured our knowledge will give you the best possible value for your money, generally much cheaper than others who give a cheap starting price just to get in the door. cleaning can offer dry cleaning of curtains of any size or material, generally we can remove and dryclean your curtains within the same day.

There is no need for your curtains to go offsite, we send the factory to you in our fully equipped mobile unit.

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Please let us know how we can fulfill your curtain cleaning service needs.


There are only three ways to clean curtains. So be sure you ask about what cleaning method they are using when you are getting a quote. The two most common methods used by our competitors are:

Method 1 Cleaning

Method 2

Traditional Dry Cleaning
(Dry Cleaners)

Method 3

Wand Cleaning
(Vacuum while hanging)

Although gentle, our cleaning method is thorough – a fact demonstrated by comparison tests conducted under a laboratory microscope. A sample fibre from curtains cleaned by our method was compared to three other fabric fibre samples – one from a brand new bolt of material that had never been cleaned, another from used soiled curtains that had been tumbled dusted in a laundry dryer: a third from curtains that had been cleaned by a traditional dry cleaning method.

The laboratory report stated that the fibre from the curtains cleaned by the Australian Onsite method was identical in appearance to the brand new fibre. In the tumble duster method, fibres were absent or lying flat, and in the traditional dry cleaning method sample, the fibre appeared degenerated, lacked color and were matted with grape like clusters(redeposition of dirt) throughout.


  • Dries Completely in 1-2 Hours
  • Curtain Stays Cleaner Longer
  • Apartment Discounts
  • Same Day and Weekend Service Available
  • Safe & Non-Toxic Solutions
  • Leaves No Dirt Attracting Residue
  • Bonded & Insured

Commitment to Excellence

We guarantee our work, including labor, and products. At, we treat you with the respect you deserve and provide the greatest attention to detail when we work on your property. We keep you informed throughout the entire process, and openly answer your questions and discuss all options and prices before starting the project. Our skilled technicians and innovative solutions have made us the leader in professional curtain cleaning niche.


  • Tan Kok Keong
    The workers were super professional and kind. I called them over to clean my curtain; they did an amazing job! I wish this company offered services for everything!! They took care of me without having to stress over anything. Thank you for a soothing experience!
    Tan Kok Keong
  • Lee Siew Hoon
    My son threw a party while I was on a business trip and got my curtain looking like a disaster. After contemplating about changing the carpets, I came along this company and tried them out. They made my curtain look brand new for an amazing price! My son thanks them every day.
    Lee Siew Hoon
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