Onsite curtain cleaning in Singapore – Do you plan to hire a curtain cleaning service? If yes, you are best off booking an onsite cleaning due to its advantages. During onsite cleaning, the technician sanitizes the drapes without removing them and taking them to the cleaner’s office. Everything happens in your house, eliminating transportation costs. Keep reading this post to learn how onsite curtain cleaning works and its upsides and downsides. Read on – Onsite Curtain Cleaning Service in Singapore:

What to expect from onsite curtain cleaning?

What to expect from onsite curtain cleaning?
What to expect from onsite curtain cleaning?

Curtains are one of the essential accessories of a house. Apart from giving protection against sunlight, they also play a decoration role. When they get dirty, they severely affect the look of your home. Unfortunately, curtains can accumulate grime quickly in Singapore’s hot and humid climate. Homeowners do their best to keep them clean.

But since curtain cleaning is tedious and time-consuming, many don’t have time for it. They choose to hire a curtain cleaning service.

There are two types of curtain cleaning services – offsite and onsite. Onsite cleaning is increasingly popular due to its convenience. Removing, folding, and transporting the curtain to the cleaners is unnecessary. The technician comes to your place and sanitizes the hanging drapes and leaves. There are several cleaning methods most technicians offer to do.

1. Vacuuming

Book a vacuuming session if your curtain is in good condition but dusty. The technician will vacuum up the dust from both sides of the curtain using a modern handheld vacuum cleaner. He will use the brush nozzle to wipe off the loose grime. While it’s highly effective against dust and other loose dirt, the vacuum won’t remove the embedded grime. If there are severe stains on your curtain, the technician will use one of the following methods.

2. Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is much better than vacuuming when it comes to severely stained curtains. High-temperature steam helps to loosen stubborn dirt and remove it with ease. At the same time, steam is a heavy weapon against bacteria and viruses. The technician will use the latest steam cleaner to sanitize every inch of your curtain. This procedure seems easy, and many people try to do it independently. However, it’s essential to know that steam-cleaning carpets and drapes differ.

Given the high delicacy of curtain fabrics, you need to use a particular technique and take additional preventive measures. The technician will decide at which temperature to heat the steam based on your fabric type.

Also, he will keep the nozzle of the steam cleaner at a safe distance to prevent damaging the delicate material. Some curtain services encourage using a special mesh that reduces the power of the steam jet. The technician will work with one section at a time to ensure he doesn’t leave any spot dirty.

3. Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning usually takes place in big industrial machines. However, it is possible to dry clean fabrics at home as well. If your curtains do not support wet cleaning, you should book a dry cleaning service. This method removes tough grime and embedded soils from your drapes. The technician will apply a certified water-free solution on the curtain. Then let it sit for a while to capture the dirt stuck in the fabric.

Finally, he will use a water extraction technique to draw out the detergent particles with the dislodged dirt. While onsite dry cleaning is not as thorough as offsite, it produces good results. You can rely on this method to eliminate embedded stains and germs from your drapes.

Advantages of onsite curtain cleaning

Advantages of onsite curtain cleaning
Benefits of onsite curtain cleaning

1. Convenience

Onsite cleaning is more convenient as it doesn’t imply removing and transporting the drapes. The technician conducts the cleaning of your house. If you choose offsite cleaning, you will get your curtains back in 1-3 days. With onsite cleaning, they remain in place, and you can use them immediately after the sanitization. You save time and effort on taking down and putting back the drapes and ironing them before installing them.

2. Saved money

Onsite cleaning helps save money as there is no need to transport the curtains to the cleaner’s site. You won’t have to pay for the delivery of the clean drapes either.

3. Lowered risk of damage

Onsite cleaning excludes uninstalling, folding, and transporting the curtains, which may cause shrinkage and crevices. If the cleaning staff treats the curtains improperly, there may be even worse damage. By choosing an at-home cleaning service, you reduce the risk of injury.

4. Monitoring the cleaning process

Onsite cleaning has a significant advantage over offsite cleaning. You can monitor the cleaning staff’s activity to ensure they treat your curtain carefully. Moreover, knowing that the drapes’ owner watches him will make the technician act more responsibly.

Disadvantages of onsite curtain cleaning

Disadvantages of onsite curtain cleaning
Disadvantages of onsite curtain cleaning

1. Homeowner’s presence is required

This service requires at least one family member to be at home. Some people can’t attend to the cleaning, being busy with their business. They will find it much more convenient to take the curtains to the cleaners and pick them up later. However, if you can find some hours in your schedule to welcome the technician, you can choose onsite cleaning.

2. Less effective dry cleaning

Dry cleaning initially occurs in specialized industrial machines that clean the fabrics thoroughly. With onsite dry cleaning, it’s more challenging to achieve 100% results. However, the moisture-free solvent the technician uses removes dirt and kills most bacteria.


Onsite Curtain Cleaning Service in Singapore
Onsite Curtain Cleaning Service in Singapore

There are many reasons to hire an onsite curtain cleaning. You avoid transportation costs and prevent wrinkling, shrinkage, and curtain damage. Also, you can monitor the process and encourage the cleaner to act more accurately and carefully. The technician comes equipped with advanced tools and powerful cleaning agents. They help him to rid the fabric of loose and stubborn dirt and kill bacteria.

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